Arcus M-82 Mortar

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The ARCUS M-82 Mortar is a powerful anti-personal weapon for engagement of troops in open terrain or behind light shelters.

The Mortar is designed to fire 82mm HE, TP, Smoke, Illuminating Mortar Bombs.


  • Safety mechanism preventing from Double Loading.
  • Optical Sight providing aiming in elevation or traverse.
  • Stripping into man-pack components, easy to carry on crossed terrain
  • Low weight - 42 kg


  • Caliber: 82mm
  • Muzzle Velocity: 220m/s

  • Round Types: HE, TP, Smoke, Illuminating

  • Fire Rate Rounds/Min: 30
  • Min Fire Range: 80m
  • Max Fire Range: 3200m
  • Elevation Min Angle: 45mils

  • Elevation Max Angle: 85mils
  • Traverse Angle: 6mils
  • Weapon Weight: 42kg
  • Mortar Bomb Weight: 3.1kg


  • Mortar (Barrel, Bipod and Base Plate)
  • Safety Mechanism for Preventing from Double Loading
  • Optical Sight
  • Individual Set for spare parts and tools