APM Level NIJ IV Ceramic Drop Resistant Stand Alone Plate (SAP)

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These Canadian made certified ballistic plates meet norm NIJ and offer extreme protection against various types of threat, thanks to its composition of alumina ceramic and polymer, in addition to its ergonomic drawing which reduces considerably the trauma effect.


  • Stand Alone, Hybrid plate done with Aramid fibers composite and ceramic
  • Protection Level NIJIV 0101.06
  • Thermoformed (Monocoque) Finish: Neoprene black
  • Anti-fragmentation, drop resistant: tested 20 tons pressure no fracture
  • Ballistic plate 3 years Guarantee period
  • Size (10"x12" )
  • Weight 3.4 kg (Rectangular), 3.2 kg (Clipped)
  • Thickness 15/16’’
  • Test caliber: 300 Remington Ultra Mag .30 M2 armour piercing 166 grain FMJ bullets