80mm Unguided Aircraft Rocket UAR-80

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The UAR-80 unguided aircraft rocket is used against ground armoured targets (tanks, self-propelled guns, armoured vehicles,etc.), unarmoured targets, enemy troops and is intended to arm modern jets and helicopters.

The rocket is fitted with a V-5KP1 piezoelectric contact fuze.

Fire is delivered from launcher pods of the B-8M1, B-8V20A type, carried on aircraft and helicopters.


  • Caliber: 80 mm
  • Safety Wire: 0
  • Velocity: 600 m/s
  • Armour Penetration: 400-420 mm
  • Operational Temp (min): -60°c
  • Operational Temp (max): +60°c
  • Fuze Type: V-5KP1