Areios Defense is a global supplier of heavy weaponry, firearms, high performance armour systems, mission ready munitions, and tactical weapon system components.  With an extensive global focus on Government, Military and Private Security agencies we provide our clients with a wide selection of innovative solutions along with the most current product information, knowledgeable sales support, and excellent client focus.

Our relentless focus on innovation and ongoing commitment to above and beyond to meet our clients requirements, has positioned us as a key supplier of defensive equipment for evolving mission objectives from national defense to counter-terrorism, and beyond.

Ammunition Manufacturing and Ballistic Engineering

Areios Defense has partnered with STAC-TACTICAL of Quebec, Canada, in order to manufacture high quality new and remanufactured ammunition to client specifications.

Through this partnership we are pleased to directly offer ammunition to non-sanctioned Government entities worldwide.  We are currently recognized as an official ammunition supplier to many NATO allied countries, and are considered a premium supplier of ammunition manufactured to precise specifications.

Since 1992, STAC-TACTICAL under the leadership of CEO Claude Munger Poirier, P.Eng., C.E.(MIT), Ph.D., has made a name for themselves as leading experts in ballistic engineering and ammunition manufacturing, and are well known for their depth of experience and knowledge in the field.  

STAC-TACTICAL has been rapidly gaining recognition for their competition, extreme long range, and tactical ammunition. Known for their superior 9mm Luger ammunition, STAC-TACTICAL has engineered a brand new line of 9mm ammunition with exceptional quality, accuracy and precision for special operations and tactical units: The DEFCON 9mm ammunition family.

Please contact us directly for ammunition quotes. STAC-TACTICAL is also available through Areios Defense to consult on your next on, or off-site project.


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