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About Us

Areios Defense is a premier Defense Consultancy and intercontinental facilitator of aerospace and defense systems.

With an extensive direct global network of consultants, defense manufacturers and government organizations; Areios Defense provides our clients with a wide selection of innovative solutions, current research, strategic analysis, and knowledgeable sales support.

Our relentless focus on defense innovation combined with an ongoing commitment to go above and beyond to meet our clients requirements, has positioned us as a key supplier and defense strategist for evolving mission objectives from national defense to counter-terrorism, and beyond.

Advisory Services

Government and Military Organizations have put their trust and respect in Areios Defense to meet their intensifying mission objectives world wide.

From Border Security to International Mission Support we have the direct experience and depth of knowledge that has been relied upon globally by some of the strongest defense forces.

Areios Defense allows clients to prioritize their objectives as we architect solutions to meet critical deadlines and battlefield challenges.


Areios Defense’ deep partnerships with an extensive network of qualified international ammunition and component manufacturers is responsible for the sales and manufacturing of some of the the worlds most reliable ammunition, with the widest reach in terms of sales.​

Our unmatched supply ability has made us a preferred Government supplier for a wide range of small, medium and large caliber ammunition types.

We supply ammunition that is manufactured and tested specifically to meet the most stringent US DOD and NATO requirements and specifications.


From acquisition of Commercial and Military Aircraft, to Aerial Weapon Systems, UAS, and Avionics.

Areios Defense manages your project from concept to delivery through our enhanced partnerships and technological advantages. Our solutions utilize an approach directly coordinated with manufacture and supply partners in all regions.

We are also able to provide refurbishment or demilitarization options as well.

Government Procurement

The Areios Defense ARMSTRA.DE platform is one of the most technologically advanced Government ONLY Arms Trading Platform in existence.

The ARMSTRA.DE Artificial Intelligence engine allows for real time inventory inquiries, direct procurement processing, state-to-state facilitation, documentation, permit processing and end to end logistics management on a fully encrypted private blockchain.

Our platform allows for instantaneous and secure transactions allowing for immediate trade and transfer between Government Defense Departments. ARMSTRA.DE is built on the proprietary Areios Defense Technologies that incorporate the highest security standards

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